Borg philosophy


The goal of the Borg is to completely assimilate all species by incorporating their knowledge and technology into the unified Borg collective. The quality of life for each living being is raised by converting and upgrading them into Borg drones. The drones are no longer individuals but are part of the overall collective mind of the Borg.
After assimilation the Borg drone has no past anymore : friends and enemies are forgotten and the only thing remaining is the numerical designation within the Borg hive he is part of.


The Borg has a collective mind and therefore has no leader. The Borg however has a clear and efficient structure to improve the assimilation of species.
The overall voice of the Borg collective is the Queen mother. She represents herself as a Borg individual so that weak human minds can comprehend the idea of the Borg collective.

The following hives exist :
There will also be seperate hives for coordination in sectors named BHxyy. The "x" is the numeric designation for the quadrant and "yy" is the numeric designation for the sector.


The ultimate goal of the Borg is to assimilate all species in this universe known as "Hyperiums".  The delta quadrant will be the first focus for the Borg but in the end all quadrants will be consumed into the Borg collective. Resistance is futile.
All advanced species will be assimilated to Drones. All inferieur species will be eliminated and recylced.